An era of stone

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Update 1.1.5 is live! It addresses some issues with offline ads, and also includes some improvements to the avatar customization UX, and some code cleanup to help a couple of screens load faster.

Handmade art: image of camp fire.

Dev Blog

Check out our newest blog post, featuring anecdotes from the making of the game!

Handmade art: image of camp fire.

The Trailer

The Story

You are a deity, building your first world!

Using Duality Tiles you will create resources for your population, face challenges, and make difficult decisions.

The decisions you make along the way will affect how your population perceives you.

Handmade art: image of camp fire.

The Features

Unique take: on puzzle matching game

  • Smooth gameplay 
  • Rich gaming experience
  • Fun puzzles with a purpose
  • Interesting anthropological facts

 Progress through the Stone Age: beat match-3 levels

  • Produce food for your population with endless board wipes
  • Develop their cultural path by decision making
  • Unlock technologies with unique brain-twisting puzzles
  • Keep an eye on forbidden goals to avoid triggering calamities

Strategize: match-3 with a twist

  • All tiles have an opposite side
  • The Duality Counter triggers a board flip every few moves
  • Available matches change based on their Duality
  • The game is simple, yet is not easy to master
  • Every resource tile behaves differently

Immerse yourself: astonishing music and art

  • Explore the handmade map 
  • Discover striking hand-painted characters
  • Marvel at the visually stunning artifacts, calamities, and animals
  • Relax with the serene sound effects
  • Submerge in the perfect atmospheric experience with original composed music

Choose the path of your population: CYOA

  • Make choices that shape how their timeline unfolds 
  • Every decision you make has tangible consequences
  • Unlock avatar pieces based on your choices

Customize: be the creator of your realm

  • Name your realm
  • Choose the environment
  • Customize your deity self in a unique avatar
  • Change the seasons

Encourage Devotion: they believe in you

  • Make choices that shape how their timeline unfolds 
  • Every decision you make has tangible consequences
  • Unlock avatar pieces based on your choices

Use your Deity Powers: godlike force

  • Use your Deity Powers to defeat complex levels
  • Different powers for different problems
  • Activate in the right timeline
  • Easy to obtain 
  • Explosive results
  • Explore the incredible boosters & power-up combos

Reveal Your Realm

Watch your realm unfold, your population advance, and your avatar become more complex as the population begins to see you for the deity you are.

Face Unique Challenges

Duality Tiles

Each tile has two sides. Each match you make ticks down the Duality counter. When the timer reaches 0, the tiles flip, transforming the board!

Puzzle Variety

Some levels are designed to make you plan your moves more carefully, while other levels can be filled with cascades and unpredictability!

Meet The Team

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Music Creation

Music Composer & Sound Design

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Creative Director & Narrative Design

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